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Concrete Admixture & Maintenance Products

I need to:

Modify the properties of concrete mixes, lubricate pipe o-rings or strip paint.

Admixture and Maintenance Products

Admixture to modify concrete mixes, pipe ring lubricant and paint stripper.

Concrete Admixture &
Maintenance Products

To modify concrete mixes for strength and workability. Other building products for general and specialised use.



BOND-R is an acrylic polymer which when added to Portland cement compositions, greatly improves their physical and chemical performance, whether used indoor or outdoor.

The properties improved include tensile and flexural strengths, abrasion and impact resistance, adhesion to existing concrete and resistance to oil and grease.

BOND-R is added in place of gauging water.

What's it used for?

Uses for Bond R modified concrete and plaster include:

  • Heavy duty flooring.

  • Topping and patching mix for existing damaged floors.

  • Levelling screed or underlay for decorative flooring.

  • Terrazzo.

  • Precast panels.

  • Patching of spalled concrete.

  • Bridge deck repairs.

BOND-R is also added to cement and applied as a prime coat to substrates prior to application of plaster or other cementitious coatings.

What can it be applied to?

BOND-R is added to Portland cement mixes. It may also be added to other cementitious materials.


BOND-R should be protected from frost and mixes containing BOND-R should be protected from rapid drying conditions.

The quantity of BOND-R to be added to different mix types must be determined by testing.



SEAL RING LUBRICANT is specially formulated pipe lubricant for use with concrete pipes (non potable water) having skid ring type joints. It is non-toxic and fully soluble in water.

What's it used for?

SEAL RING LUBRICANT is used to lubricate the inside of concrete pipes with skid ring type joints. It is non aggressive to rubber and concrete and may be applied by hand. Seal Ring Lubricant may also be used for other applications where a non-toxic, water-soluble lubricant is required.

What can it be applied to?

SEAL RING LUBRICANT is applied to the inside face of concrete pipes where the skid ring is located.


Not tested for potable water contact.



TEXOL is a non-flammable, highly effective paint remover, with excellent adhesion to vertical surfaces. TEXOL is suitable for brush or spray application to most acrylics, enamels, varnishes as well as many other coatings. TEXOL will not attack wood or metals. It is also suitable for use on many epoxy esters, epoxy amides and stoved finishes. Does not contain Phenols.

What's it used for?

TEXOL is used to strip paint from a variety of surfaces. It can also be used to remove other similar coatings, including epoxy coatings.

What can it be applied to?

TEXOL is applied to painted surfaces. It may be applied to vertical or inclined surfaces due to its thixotropic properties.

Coverage is dependent on the type of paint to be removed, the surface texture of the painted surface and the number of coats.


TEXOL will remove most paints with a single application. However, old (especially lead based paints) may require multiple applications.

Wear full skin protection, including face shield, nitrile or similar gloves and overalls. Do not use in confined space without adequate ventilation.

Lead based paint that has been removed from the surface must be disposed of in accordance with local or national regulations.

Information presented on this website must be read in conjunction with the latest technical datasheet, product label and any other application data.

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